Arco Point

  • Arco Point (The Hole in The Wall)

    Arco Point

    Aside from these famous dive sites in Bohol, Arco Point or most popularly known as the Hole in the wall, is a dive site that stands out from the est because of its amazing geographical features. You can reach the Arco Point by riding a small boat from Alona Beach. The site has a maximum depth of 80 feet and the average is 33 feet. The maximum visibility can reach 100 feet.

    The dive site is normally visited by tourists because of its undying beauty. You can see different sea creatures swimming around. There are some small groupers, Triggerfish, butterfly fish, sea snakes, moray eels, and many more. The site is called “Hole in the wall” because of its vertical funnel. You can enter in this funnel at 60 feet and exit at 30 ft.

    You will absolutely love the experience. The dive site is perfect for advanced divers seeking for great adventures.

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