Dive Bohol

Arco Point (The Hole in The Wall)

Arco Point (The Hole in The Wall)

Perfect for advanced divers seeking for great adventures

Black Forest (Northeast Slope)

Black Forest (Northeast Slope)

Offers a total world of marine landscapes of black corals.

Cevera Shoal

Cevera Shoal

Another diving sanctuary in the rich and famous province of Bohol.

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  • Dive Bohol

    Bohol is a small island paradise within the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. It is popular all over the Philippines for its amazing sightseeing attractions particularly Chocolate Hills which the most is known among the sightseeing attractions in Bohol.

    Bohol is flanked by sorts of islands within the Visayas. Towards the west and North West is the Cebu Island. The Bohol Strait sets apart the two main island provinces. Towards the north and north east is Leyte Island along with the little Camotes Sea isolating both of them. Towards the south, past the Mindanao Sea is situated Mindanao Island.

    Given that Bohol is flanked by a few huge islands it is quite fortunate to overlook almost all the typhoons and heavy rain seasons. The local weather here is generally tropical, across the coast is typically warm and dry along with the subtle hills of the interior being cooler yet much more humid.

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    You will discover 73 islands in whole with Bohol as the tenth biggest in the archipelago of the Philippines. Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol which is also the main entry way for tourists and visitors. Day-to-day air flights from Manila and Cebu land here. The port of Tagbilaran City draws in traveler and cargo boats in a similar way; it is the main industrial harbor in Bohol and is exactly where the huge ferries get there from everywhere in the Philippines.

    Diving in Bohol is truly a wonderful encounter of every diver. Given that Bohol is blessed with diverse diving destinations lies on exquisite beaches which are truly worth visiting. There are approximately 13 dive sites that Bohol features. The currents here can be moderate to strong.


  • Best Time to Dive

    Bohol is pretty blessed with weather conditions because the entire island doesn’t really experience typhoon and heavy rains so it anyone can dive here at any time all year round. The north Bohol expects to get wet during the wet season which is somewhat long, from to around February, yet it is not chiefly bad. The southern Bohol has a few of the best local climate in the Philippines; just never forget that Bohol is still a tropical region so precipitation is usually short but sweet with break anyway.

  • Getting There and Around

    Bohol Province is located at the center of the Philippines and it is easily accessible through sea and air. For those who will probably be originating from other country, they could certainly book a flight to Cebu or Manila. Aforementioned is considered the most effortless but there are actually only several international flights heading there.

    At the present time, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines may have air flights going to Bohol. From Manila there can be daily flights to Tagbilaran. The first flight is around 8 in the morning whereas the last flight is at 5 in the afternoon. On the other hand, such schedules may vary from day to day thus it is definitely best to look into the website of Cebu Pacific and PAL.
    Fast Ferry

    Ocean Jet and Super Cat are definitely the two speedy ferry providers that sail from Cebu to Tagbilaran. They offer about three day-to-day trips departing in four-hour intervals starting at 8 in the morning through 4 in the afternoon. For Ocean Jet, the earliest travel is at 6 in the morning and the last travel is at 6 in the evening.

    Ferries from Manila
    WG&A Superferry offers sea travels from Manila going to Tagbilaran and vice versa. The most affordable fare is about P2,088.58 Philippine Pesos whereas the priciest is about P7,875.95 Philippine Pesos. The daily schedules can be seen at their site.
    There are certainly ferry boats also from Butuan to Bohol, which will travel to Bohol. With a slow ferryboat, the trip takes around 7 hours.

    Apart from jets and ferry boats, there are many ways of transfer when in Bohol. Buses work as the leading access of Tagbilaran within the major metropolitan areas of Bohol. The primary bus terminals supply travelers with details on fares and daily schedules.

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